Dog Dance

Rescue Dog Photo Sessions

Welcome !

And Thank You for taking part in this project.

We want  to celebrate rescue dogs and show them in their best "light."

This is a trade, and no money will be exchanged.

You will be signing a property release giving me, the photographer, permission to use these photos for any of my projects, whether it be books, cards, calendars, websites, or ads.

You will be signing a model release giving me the same permissions, for any people in the photos.

I will be providing to you 3 high res digital professional photos of your dog, which you may use for PERSONAL projects. You may print them and frame them and hang them in your house, or use them for holiday cards.

IF you must have more than 3 photos from your session, then yes, there will be a fee. But I feel  most people will be happy with 3 : )

You may not use these photos for commercial projects, publish them or transfer the rights to them. 

I understand that you are spending some time and effort on this project, getting your dog ready, bringing her to the shoot, and working with her. Please understand, I will be spending TEN times the effort on each photo session : )


- I only shoot one dog at a time. I know you love both of your dogs, but it NEVER works out to shoot them both at once. We can shoot the both seperately : )

- please no cell phone shots on my photo shoot. It's your dog,, you can take all the photos you want before or after our shoot.

- plan on spending an HOUR working with your dog, calming him / her down, getting him into a nice position for a shoot.

- you may keep a leash on your dog. it will be photoshopped out.

- i need complete creative freedom. Do not show up with expectations of how a photo shoot will look. 

Below are two realeases : Model release for person in the photo, Property relaase for dogs in the photo. Please download, sign, and email back to me. We only go forward with photo shoots AFTER we have signed releases.

Thank You !


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